Tulum, Mexico Retreat

Portals to the Self:  A Women’s Circle by the Sea

Tulum, Mexico ~ March 2 – 8, 2019

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Our abode for the retreat is Amansala Retreat Center, located on the beautiful pristine beach of Tulum, known for its clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and bohemian feel. The architecture of Amansala reflects an eco chic style that includes driftwood, mosaics, river rocks, smooth cement and thatched roofs, with staircases weaving together the various spaces within the resort. As we gather in the open air palapa set between the ocean and the jungle, we will hear the songs of the jungle birds, the waves of the ocean and the gentle swaying of the palm trees. We will be immersed in the fresh cleansing salt air.

The first two days we will ground and create our women’s circle in addition to yoga class each day. We will be staying in the region near the archeological sites of Tulum, Coba and the magical cenotes. As we plant our feet in this land infused with the spirit of the Mayan people we will find inner balance and harmony and access the power of a people devoted to praise and joy. Storytelling, yoga, water play, guided imagery, and journaling will serve as forms for accessing our psyche’s depths. By naming and sharing our gifts in our sacred circle we will be enriched and enlivened, as individuals and as a joyful and potent community of women, committed to healing ourselves, our sisters, and our world.

After forming our circle, we will take a day to journey. Our first stop will be Coba, an ancient excavated city that includes the oldest pyramid in Mexico. It arises from dense jungle and contains the cieba tree, the Mayan tree of life referred to in their creation story. We then will visit a beautiful cenote, a fresh water spring under the limestone and connected to other rivers that flow underground. Much mythology surrounds the cenotes caves/springs which are thought of as the portals to the underworld. In almost all cultures the sacred springs and caves were sacred to the goddess and a place for women’s ceremonies. We will then visit a Mayan village where the women will make us traditional Mayan food for lunch.

As in all our retreats, besides circle time and daily yoga, we will share delicious healthy meals with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, local fish and chicken. We will take a salsa dancing class and a cooking class during the week! And we will have time to experience sunrise, sunset, star gazing and time to soak up the sun during our time together. On our last day we are planning a Mayan clay ceremony, a purification and blessing ritual designed to aid in letting go of the old to make room for the new. You will leave this retreat feeling transformed … nurtured and replenished … achieving a balance of mind, body and spirit.

The spa at Amansala offers a variety of massage treatments offered by Mayan healers including Mayan abdominal massage, Shamanic egg cleanse, body memory release and lymphatic massage.  In addition there is available a temazcal Mayan sweat lodge ceremony led by a local shaman designed to cleanse and deepen ones own spiritual path and have a deeper understanding of oneself.

Join us as we create ritual and circles to honor this land and process our adventures. Space will be limited to 18 women.