“Spending a week in Tulum with a group of women who quickly became my sisters was a magical experience. Karen and Lisa wove a women’s circle that was completely safe and loving and immensely supportive. Lisa’s remarkable brand of yoga was soothing and invigorating for body and soul. For me there was a perfect balance of time alone, soaking in the sun and the beauty of the setting, and time together talking, reflecting and sharing ideas. I came home refreshed, renewed and at peace. Karen and Lisa are highly skilled at creating a welcoming and supportive community. This was a delightful and delicious experience that I would recommend without hesitation to any woman of any age looking for sisterhood combined with spiritual and bodily renewal.”

Kay – Ohio

“Karen and Lisa created a heart-felt, safe, intentional, yogini-goddess circle for soul-full women to connect with their authentic selves. This sacred process, combined with the warmth of Tulum’s sun and invigorating ocean, Amansala’s scrumptious food, and our interesting and adventurous road trip to Coba, a cenote, and two Mayan families, made for a wonderful and memorable week. Thank you goddesses!”

Susan – Pennsylvania

“What could be better than a week with women, yoga, ocean, and great food in a warm beautiful setting? Under Karen’s care and Lisa’s incredible yoga I felt safe, loved, and relaxed. And now I have 19 new (or renewed) sisters.”

Marjorie – Ohio

“The Bali retreat left me feeling full and wanting more simultaneously. The combination of restorative yoga, circle magic, personal growth workshop, and cultural exploration of a people consistently seeking to get closer to the divine was divine! In an ancient land of a thousand steps, Karen and Lisa brought not just their wisdom and experience but the joyful cooperation of the Balinese people eager to share their culture with us.”

Jani – Ohio

“My heart is full and I feel so blessed and grateful for my time in Bali. I went there to heal and found the most profound healing in falling in love deeper with myself and with 15 other extraordinary women.”

Meredith – California

“I carried home with me the peace and beauty of Bali. So many pictures and moments replay in my mind … the rain tapping on the leaves in the jungle, the scent of frangipani, yoga in a beautiful studio overlooking the jungle, the gracious people of Bali who shared their culture with us. Mostly, I think about our circle and the remarkable women who gathered to share their thoughts and feelings. I felt blessed to be among them.”

Terry – Wisconsin

“This trip was truly a transformative experience of a lifetime.”

Carol – Ohio

“The retreat in Bali was profound and transformational. Beauty and love surrounded us. Women sharing and caring in an exotic setting of bamboo monkey forest and feasting on delicious organic meals, restorative yoga, and visits to amazing sacred sites. During the week, we laughed, cried, and danced together, and our hearts opened. I am so thankful for this spiritual experience and my new found sisters.”

Karen – New York

“The beauty of Bali brought a peace to my soul that I have needed for a long time. The women I spent the week with were such beautiful souls and the kindness I received from the Balinese people is something I will always hold in my heart. I’m grateful for all the experiences I had and I hope to be able to do something like this again in the future.”

Alison – Tennessee

“Just returned from Bali and it was an amazing experience! Having also done one of Karen and Lisa’s retreats in Mexico, I can attest to their beauty and power. They create settings for women from diverse backgrounds to meet, immerse in spiritually uplifting experiences and share as they feel called to do so. Bravo for all you do, and for the proactive energy you send into the world. What you do is truly inspirational!”

Jennifer – Wisconsin

“As I write these words, my skin is warm in the memory of the Bali air and sun, while a tender breeze runs along and keeps me cool. Our circle is filled with women who are very accomplished, and opens my willingness to explore wild lands and remember who I want to be. Of course, the most exciting and rewarding part of this journey is a joyful returning to myself. I am grateful to find a council of women, sisters-and-comrades who belong to a long ancient cloth woven together of trust and belonging. Here in Bali, Lakshmi and this circle of sisters are reminding me to listen to my heart and that to receive abundance is part of taking my place in the dance of life!”

Maitri – New York

“Thank you for creating such a warm and loving atmosphere that first time attendees felt like true sisters in the circle. What a wonderful and treasured experience for all!”

Charlotte – California

“The circle time and Bali seem more and more magical, as images soften and memories take on new significance. Lakshmi lives in my heart and in my home, with the abundance of beauty and riches in my life. Love and passion abound! I am so grateful and appreciative of every woman who found their way to that wonderful retreat and circle, and especially to Ceci and Karen, who guided us so gently and beautifully through our processes.”

Kathi – New Mexico

“This retreat was one of the most powerful and nurturing experiences of my life. Gently and wisely lead, we participants created a safe circle of caring wherein deep sharing and supportive silence were equally valued. The setting was beautiful, and the meals were exquisitely presented and delicious. Stories, songs, poems, dance and rituals invited us to go deeper into ourselves and strengthened our bonds with one another. The best recommendation I can give is that I would go again to sweet Isla and this life-giving retreat in a heartbeat, and am already making plans to do so in the future.”

Marilyn – Manitoba

“Thank you for a life-changing soul recharging experience! I returned to my world with a fresh perspective infused with joy! Thank you!”

Cathy – Nashville

“What a gift and sometimes a challenge to integrate our transformed selves into our everyday lives … in new and exciting ways.  I am remembering our time together with joy, adventure and deep meaning.”

Cindy – Minnesota

“I went to my first retreat in Isla Mujeres last month and I just can’t say enough good things about it.  The experience is something I will carry with me for a long time.  Sharing with a group of women was healing and enlightening.  Ceci and Karen are awesome and I highly recommend their retreats!”

Linda – California

“Why did I ever leave you, oh gentle healing Isle of Women?  I can still feel the water of the sea holding me up as I lay back and just burbled happiness.  For one week I was warm.  The temperature, the love of the women in the group … and the food was without parallel.”

Mary Frances – Pennsylvania

“The pictures … carry me back to peaceful, soul searching beautiful memories with two wonderful women leading me on a journey to finding myself, and finding a beautiful island with warm caring people.”

Debi – New York

“I’m so glad I followed my heart’s intuitive call to join the incredible women who came together on Isla Mujeres.  The compassionate energy of the circle was a beautiful container for all of us journeying women as we were truly held by each other and the presence of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel.  I was blessed to receive the healing and pampering experience that I was hoping for and I know that waves of healing will continue to bathe me like the clear turquoise waters of this island paradise.  I whole-heartedly encourage you to discover this journey – I’m sure you’ll feel blessed as I did.”

Corinne – British Columbia

“Sixteen women came together, most for the first time … and by the end we were soul sisters.”

Paloma – Cleveland

“Thank you both for an inspirational week.  Your commitment to women’s empowerment and attention to detail shine through in all aspects of the retreat.”

Marta – Nevada

“The knowledge imparted by the fabulous women at the retreat extends far beyond seven days. I continue to be influenced and shaped by what we shared.  I am still processing the retreat six months later … that is how deep down inside I was touched. The gifted individuals that led the retreat continue to leave an indelible mark on my heart, spirit and soul.”

Tammy – Michigan

“The experience of the retreat was so powerfully restorative to my soul’s being.”

Vera – Minnesota

“The setting was wonderful. I can see why you keep returning…the beach, the rooms, the food! The workshop was a loving validation of who I am. In that environment of open spaces, the sea and sky, I seem to flourish easily. My body dances and my eyes and hands want to create. I began to feel my loving self. It was an honor and such a pleasure to watch the week unfold and to watch the hearts open.”

Mie – New York

“I walked away having had not only a good time, but feeling refreshed, renewed and re-invigorated. It also felt good to get ‘new blood’ in my veins from all the different women and their souls that were shared so easily at our circles. I am so happy I went. It was a highpoint in my life.”

Maureen – Ohio

“You encouraged us to believe in our dreams, use our imagination and to come together connecting our experiences in a lovely circle of spirit here on Isla.”

Carol Anne – Texas

“The place was lovely, as was the food, service and attentiveness of everyone concerned. I thought the facilitation of the circle was excellent…I liked how the facilitators opened up the work to adventurous, willing others.”

Germaine – Connecticut

“What a wonderful experience. I feel really changed, more open…just better.”

Catherine – Ohio

“This morning I felt a new pleasure in life, nature and love. My relationships both with myself and others are now enriched by the beauty and grace that filled my heart on Isla Mujeres. I have found a circle of supportive, nurturing and incredible women.”

Abby – Delaware

“The hotel itself was incredible, and that gentle, relaxing environment contributed so much to the overall experience of the retreat. The graciousness of the staff made it a true paradise…what was best about it was that it was so ‘organically’ beautiful…there was no fabricated, ostentation about the space, so it allowed us to be more comfortable and authentic in a way that supported the rest of the retreat experience. The structure of the retreat itself – the ways in which we met together for meals and group work – was really effective in enhancing the relationships among the people in the group and also in tending to the individual needs of each participant. Overall, the experience was so positive for me, so deeply enriching and healing. It was a tremendous, life-changing gift for me, and I will remain grateful for all the effort and grace that made it possible.”

Elizabeth – California

“The week was absolutely fabulous. I’ve never had an experience like it…the circle just blew me away. It’s hard to describe the experience but to say I was personally transformed is not an exaggeration. I would never have imagined that a group of strangers, from very different backgrounds and experiences, could find such a deep connection. I discovered what it means to be more openhearted and the wonderful things that can happen when I am. I discovered new ways of loving and being with others. The location is ideal. I stayed really busy but found lots of time to relax and rejuvenate. I will be forever grateful for all the love, support, mothering and laughter.”

Liz – Florida

“Unlike any experience I’ve ever had and exactly as described on the website, the program was inspiring, thought provoking and fun! The accommodations were excellent and the food fresh, plentiful and delicious. I felt nurtured from the moment I stepped into the palapa for my first women’s circle until the day I left the island. Lisa led our yoga classes with a spiritual intention that was perfect for the island. Karen and Ceci were caring, attentive, and charming. I would recommend this retreat for all women at least once. It truly nourished my feminine soul.”

Judy – Pennsylvania

“The Isla Women’s retreat was nourishing and refreshing – what a pleasure to meet up with diverse women belonging to our tribe – just the right amount of free time and going deeper together.”

Elizabeth – Washington, DC

“Besides the stunning location, over-the-top service by the hotel staff, and the energies of countless women before us on that island, besides the fabulous yoga and the most authentic let-our-hair-down-and-get-real-with-each-other group experience I’ve had to date, not counting the pleasures of ocean, beach, snorkeling, massage and all that stuff, what amazes me most 6 weeks after this trip is its impact on my life today. I’m convinced that we each hold the key to heal ourselves and the world, and that it’s critical for each of us to take a time out in a safe, nurturing environment to find that key within. Thanks, Karen and Ceci, for helping me find that key in me.”

Wendy- Ohio

“Thank you for a week of rest, rejuvenation and community. I was so exhausted when I arrived and felt absolutely fed by the circle of women, the sun, the water, the beach, the food, the workshop. That new energy is installed in my being as a golden wick down the center of my spine. I still can re-ignite that light many weeks later here at home.”

Naomi – Utah

“I want to thank everyone for everything…the insights, the wisdom, the strength, the power, the encouragement, the beauty… you all possess and have shared with me. I had a wonderful experience in Isla and I am looking forward to many more powerful and transformational events in my life.”

Mary Kay – New York

“The combination of the spiritual strength and confidence I received during the Isla Mujeres retreat gave me the confidence to pursue my dream. To Ceci and Karen, thank you and God bless for rising to a higher calling – the call of service to others through your exceptional retreats. You gave me the strength to “pay it forward!”

Kathleen – Massachusetts

“I have been soaring so fully since Isla! Thank you for creating a place where the Goddess and archetypal figures of women can dance and express.”

Holly – North Carolina

“Every moment was so filled with colors, beauty, life, and abundance. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect week.”

Elaine – Nevada

“I am still soaking in all the wonderful experiences of Isla. You created such wonderful opportunities for joy and growth. I have never had such healthy, nourishing, fun and healing experiences all at once. My heart is more open because of this trip and my load is lighter. It seems that Isla is an incredibly powerful place and that the waves of this healing are felt far and wide.”

Jenny – Minnesota

“I absolutely can’t tell you enough how you two spirit women have changed my life. To finally be tapped back into the truest spirit of the universe and the support of the female community with its deep ancestral and tribal love is such a gift. For that I will be eternally grateful. The healing I have experienced in your presence and in the presence of these beautiful and empowered women is huge and because of the portal you have created, the shifts in my life I believe are going to be absolutely profound.”

Pamela – Rhode Island